3 Luxury Vehicles with Sustainable Wood / Bamboo Car Interiors

Luxury cars are mobile palaces. They are designed with the intention of making the driver and all passengers feel comfortable, pampered, and safe wherever they go. Automakers know that in order to provide customers with a higher-quality driving experience, they must pay close attention to every aspect of a car from its aesthetics to its functionality. It’s not uncommon to see some very rare and expensive materials including exotic leathers, 24k gold, or ivory in the cabins of elite luxury cars, but what about bamboo? Believe it or not, bamboo has also found its way into many luxury car interiors–and here’s why.

Bamboo is extremely affordable, sustainable, has a high strength-to-weight ratio, and is visually appealing. The plant grows extremely fast, it takes only about five years for bamboo to completely mature, while many trees that are used for wood take longer than 50 years to reach the same point. Cutting down a ton of bamboo isn’t as detrimental to the immediate ecosystem because of its high growth rates. The perennial evergreen also has an immensely dense and tough stem that weighs next to nothing. It’s not only strong enough to take the punishment within your car interior, but light enough to be used in large quantities without weighing down a car and hindering its performance. Bamboo can accentuate a dashboard, steering wheel, doors, or a central console very nicely. The appearance of wood has always enhanced the elegance of a luxury car, and bamboo serves this purpse.

2013 Lexus GS 450h Hybrid

Lexus GS 450H Bamboo Interior

The Lexus GS is a luxury hybrid car, with a perfect combination of looks, comfort, and performance. With this model, the manufacturer managed to bring both luxury and green to the table. Not only does the car have awesome fuel efficiency, it also maintains the same level of aesthetic quality as non-hybrid models in Lexus’ line-up. Hybrid cars are known to take a hit when it comes to looks compared to their less green counterparts, but that isn’t the case this time around. With light-brown bamboo incorporated into the steering wheel, dash, and center console near the gear shift and contrasting against the black leather seats and upholstery, the cabin really catches the eye and pops in a very pleasing manner.

Video of Bamboo Steering Wheel Production

BMW’s i3

BMW i3 interior infotainment

BMW’s newly-released all-electric crossover, has also been spotted sporting bamboo like trimmings, called Kenaf or Eucalyptus on the dash. Like with the Lexus 450h, the choice of color is also a very subtle brownish-tan that looks similar to the hue of unfinished wood planks. Even if the material isn’t really bamboo, it’s clear that BMW’s designers are going for the same look, and it’s quite a nice match with the neutral tones of dark-brown, gray, and black inside the i3′s cockpit.

BMW’s i3 Interior Design

Aston Martin DB9

Aston Martin DB9 with Bamboo Interior

Another top contender in the luxury car market, Aston Martin, also offers a refined bamboo trim for its ultra-popular DB9 model. The bamboo veneer layers are oriented in a way that optimizes visualization of the natural marks, lines, and beauty of the “wood.” This bamboo trim features more of a dual-tone color with contrast between lighter and darker spots. Against black controls and air vents, chrome trim, and light- and dark-tan upholstery, the bamboo simply looks magnificent in the super-classy and speedy DB9.

The luxury cars above are perfect examples of how a common plant material such as bamboo can be creatively used in a way that elevates its class. With increasing concerns about pollution and its detrimental global effects, automakers have shifted towards designing motor vehicles that are less of a hazard to society. These hybrid and electric cars not only produce less waste, but they’re also constructed from more environmentally-friendly materials such as bamboo.

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Living Green Residential Tower could be built in Dubai

Parisian Flower Tower A concept is being devised in Dubai for a residential skyscraper later in 2013. The idea is that the residents will feel as though they are dwelling amongst a living forest. That is the impression that the green tower block is going to offer the residents of this green concept.

In France, one architect has already built a 10-story high tower which has 380 bamboo pots, which creates a lavish curtain of green around the so-called Flower Tower. The idea by the architect was to create some sort of ambience for the residents that would give them the feel that they are living closer to nature. The exterior lifts were all made of see-through glass to allow more light to filter in to the communal areas of the residential tower.

The concept for the Dubai tower is being raised by an Italian company Teracrea, it is going to be showcased at an exhibition in March 2013 being held at the Dubai World Trace Centre. In the desert landscapes of the United Arab Emirates there has been a willingness to add color and greenery to its buildings so its architecture looks more attractive and less formal.

In Dubai there has been a construction boom taking place across the country that has seen it develop into city of skyscrapers and rapid development. Dubai has already built many purpose-built waterways and imported thousands of trees and plants from overseas and replanted them along side its architecture.

By 2025, the plan from developers in Dubai is to cover an area of nearly 39,000 hectares in green space. This amounts to about one quarter of the whole country. In fact, not just Dubai, but many of the Arab states in the region that are fast developing in the deserts are thinking of demanding that all developers must account for some 25 percent of all buildings over to green space.

Parisian Flower Tower Parisian Flower TowerIn the Parisian Flower tower the bamboo pots cannot be moved, so forms part of a permanent fixture in the residential block. Bamboo was chosen because of its sturdiness and ability to grow fast. When the winds blow outside the Flower Tower residents are treated to a sound that emulates a tree branch blowing softly in the wind. This gives residents the feel that they are living close to nature, particularly on a breezy night while they lie in their beds.

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Hinton Park and its eco-friendly Bamboo Casket Burial Procedure


Image Source: http://www.passagesinternational.com/eco-friendly-caskets/bamboo-casket

Hinton Park is situated in a sprawling green countryside area on the hills of Dorset, in southern England. It is the ideal spot to come and lay out a cloth and have blueberry muffins, ginger beer and a few prawn cocktail sandwiches. Bluebells grows wild under most of the trees and tiny streams flow gently through small brooks and woodlands. There are a number of tiny well trodden pathways for the visitor to stroll through glade woodland, over small bridges crossing a variety of tricking babbling brooks and plenty of daisies for the children to make a chain or three.

However there is one subtle difference about Hinton Park that sets it apart from all the rest. Underneath the sprawling acres of green and English meadowlands, about 6,000 dead people happened to be buried here. Eco-friendly burial sites have been becoming a huge success in Britain, without it actually becoming common knowledge. In fact there are as many as 300 operating today across the nation, and Hinton Park is easily one of the largest among them.

Britons are changing the way we wish to be buried in ways never thought possible before. If we go back to 1960, only around 35 percent of all funerals were cremations, that figure is now at 75 percent. What has caused this dramatic shift in the desire to cremate a body rather than bury in a plot in a churchyard? Most churches across England and Wales are very limited in space and burial plots are generally full in most church gardens.

The rising cost of funerals means cremations are slightly cheaper than a burial under the ground in a cemetery, plus there has been a sharp decline in the number of people following Christianity in the last 50 years.

Rather than the traditional wooden coffins most burials are used for, environmentally-friendly deceased people have asked in their wills to be buried in a coffin made from wicker or bamboo. Bamboo decomposes in the soil much faster than wood and one of Britain’s largest funeral directors now uses bamboo and wicker coffins. The Co-operative Funeral Care has around one-fifth of the funeral market in Great Britain and many of the coffins it uses are imported from Bangladesh, where they are made using fair trade regulations.

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Truck Driver Unloads 3 Tons Of Bamboo In 30 Seconds, Really?

In a rush to get the job done? This truck driver is! Watch this driver repeatedly back up and stop quickly, edging the load toward the back of the flatbed until it eventually throws the balance off and falls onto the ground. Classy!

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Bamboo Used as a Motorcycle Exhaust & Silencer

A strange thing happened recently in China. A young man Fang Jan is a keen motorcyclist, who lives in Chongzou city, inside the Guangxi Zhuang province. Recently he was put out of commission when his motorcycle silencer broke. Mr. Jan needed a new silencer, and money was tight, so he used a bit of home-made wizardry and created a new silence out of bamboo!

Bamboo as a silencer, come on now? Fang had no idea if his home-fashioned random idea would work or not. He was convinced the bamboo would burn away, but he was prepared to see if his temporary silencer would actually work. To his astonishment, and I guess ours too, he actually rode several miles on the bamboo exhaust on a Dayang bike and his custom made exhaust is still in fantastic condition! A television station in Fang’s province was alerted to the bamboo exhaust kit, and decided to pay him a visit.

The television crew was astonished to learn that the bamboo silencer was actually even quieter than the bog standard metal exhausts. There were no technical tests to decide whether the performance and power of the Dayang was actually making it go faster, but there is no doubt, mechanics across Asia will be thinking about putting this to the test.

The idea that bamboo can sustain such heat before becoming unusable is hard to believe, or is it? Bamboo is very strong and sustainable woody plant, and certainly is made from sterner stuff than many would give it credit for. But as for Fang’s Dayang motorbike, he almost certainly believes in bamboo now!

Source: Motorcycle China

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M-Bamboo Table & M-Bench by Jennifer Newman Studio

Jennifer Newman Studio is a company with a reputation for designing a contemporary feel to indoor and outdoor furniture. In its latest design is bamboo furniture in the form of an M-Bamboo table and M-Bench, all of which comes with a choice of different table tops. The company has moved into the sustainable world of bamboo furniture in style with the table that can easily be placed in your dining room or study, and equally look just as good on your patio or verandah.

The bamboo furniture is very easy to clean and both bench and table come in a wide range of colours and sizes. One of the strong features about the bamboo table is it’s an easy to clean product that will not attract mildew or mould, and using it outdoors is great because it is self-leveling on uneven surfaces.

The all new M-Bamboo table comes in two distinct styles; one has jointed legs and the other model features legs without a base. The solid bamboo table is the latest addition to the Jennifer Newman Studio range, and makes full use of the strong, durable bamboo surface. Bamboo offers density and stability like all hard wood grown in the tropics. It also is sustainable as it has the distinct advantage of being renewable at a rapid rate.

The bamboo is protected by its resilience to everyday wear and tear. The M-Bench is slightly angled and made of a tough aluminum structure. The bench is classic, practical and comes without any complications, a trait Jennifer Newman Studio tends to keep when designing furniture.

The outdoor M-Bamboo table is available in three sizes which will seat 2, 3 or 4 people on each side. The indoor table seats five people on each side and only comes in the one size.

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Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker!

Put simply, a Loudbasstard bamboo speaker is a bamboo sound amplifier that turns your iTunes music library into an environmentally friendly bass boomer. Place your iPhone into the slot at the back, the music on your phone is instantly transformed into a loud, volume-pounding beat and all this is achieved without wires.

That’s right, the Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker is made entirely from bamboo and its acoustic design enables the user to turn his or her iPhone into a bamboo sound amplifier. The finish on the Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker can be made charcoal, emerald, whitewashed, teal, red or just simply natural looking. All bamboo speakers are made from bamboo and use no electricity; in fact there are no wires, USB leads, plugs or electronic attachments at all.

If you want to control the volume on your bamboo sound amplifier you will have to take your iPhone or smartphone and turn the volume up or down on the device as the Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker does not have any volume control of its own.

The great thing about the Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker is that you can still charge up your smartphone and place it in the bamboo speaker at the same time. There is plenty of space inside the device to perform both actions. Even if you have a case on your smartphone it will still be possible to leave the case on and use the Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker at the same time. This is because the depth of the slot where your phone will sit is an inch deep, so there should be enough room here.

You should not look at this product as an alternative to a loud electronic speaker; the Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker is simply an environmentally greener alternative that will still make your smartphone sound considerably louder than it would outside the bamboo sound amplifier.

The Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker is organic in design and is a device that will offer you a personal sound. This means that if you are sat at a desk and you have the bamboo speaker facing you, it will sound reasonably loud to you and not everyone else in the office (unless they are standing right behind you).

Each piece of bamboo is cut by hand and dyed in the tropical splendour of the Philippines. Each one is hand crafted by locals and buying a Loudbasstard Bamboo Speaker will actually benefit local craftsman in Cebu. Check out other featured bamboo electronic accessories at Bambooki!

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Air Jordan XX8 Made with Bamboo Accents?

It’s a shoe, or a sneaker? One thing is for certain, its a shoe like nothing you’ve seen before.  The Air Jordan XX8 shoe has a unique camouflage design with bamboo accents to reflect its environmentally friendly aspect. The graphic print designs are varying but among the more popular look is the leaf-style finish with a mixture of both green and white coloring.

The Air Jordan XX8 ‘Bamboo’, features a white full zip sleeve with green, brown, gold and black leaves decorating throughout the upper part of the shoe; but then an elegant wood finished carbon fibre heel plate, a black inner sole and a clear, almost transparent outer heel.  The green and environmentally bamboo sneakers are made by Jordan at its home in Portland, which has a status of a green city anyway, and amazingly the bamboo used in these sneakers comes from a local company.

The Air Jordan XX8 made with Bamboo Accents appears to be more of a boot than a shoe or a sneaker; it fit snugly and comfortably around the ankle and would look absolutely great if worn with army attire or camouflage fatigue. If you look closely at the wood paneling at the back of the shoe, you will see that as well as being made from a locally-sourced bamboo company, it is also close to Jordan’s headquarters.

The bamboo shoe is much awaited and is likely that many watchers will be eagerly awaiting its release date, which we believe to be imminent.

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Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush Donates to Promote Oral Health

Bamboo Toothbrush by Smiles for the People

There is a new biodegradable bamboo toothbrush on the block and it simply has to become one of your coolest bathroom accessories. Using the conventional plastic brush often means it can slip from your grip once it gets wet, whereas holding a handle made from bamboo toothbrush is certainly more comfortable and allows for a firmer grip. If you already have a number of bamboo bathroom accessories in your home, then the bamboo toothbrush would be an ideal addition to your bathroom.

About Smiles for the People

Our friends at Smiles for the People will donate one toothbrush to someone in need, for every purchase you make. In the next 12 months the company plans to donate a total of 15,000 toothbrushes to people that need them. People are an important part of what Smiles for the People are all about.

Every product it makes is designed to aid customers live a healthier, better and more spiritual life, and the bamboo toothbrush is certainly one product it showcases as a eco-friendly, biodegradable brush that is easy to use and good for your health and the environment too.

Bamboo toothbrushes are safe to use, simple, and will last a long time. They are ideal for the children too. Smile for the People are a company that views its customers as people and not just sources of revenue. Oral health care is important if communities around the world can all source products that are going to be healthy, simple to use and environmentally friendly.

The biodegradable bamboo toothbrush ticks all the right boxes here and one single brush we estimate should easily last you about one year. Remember, for every one toothbrush you buy, Smiles for the People will donate one to a person in need somewhere in your community or around the world. Everyone living on mother Earth has a responsibility for looking after the environment, and Smiles for the People has designed a product to have the lowest impact possible on our environment.

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Bambory Bamboo Speakers at Work!

When we think about audio speakers, we often tend to see them as clunky, space-eating boxes made of wood, plastic and metal that often has grilled screens that house the driver, be it the subwoofer, woofer, or tweeter. Modern speakers have now assumed different forms and sizes but the basic concept remains the same. Now, speakers are made from various materials and sport different configurations; some have become so revolutionary that they become high examples of this kind of audio equipment. Of these, bamboo speaker systems are a new and interesting take on how audio speakers have been evolving.

The Bambory bamboo speakers are the brainchild of designer Guo Yang. They set forth a new way to make audio speakers from novel and hitherto-unused materials. At first glance, they look like simple bamboo wicker baskets that are topped by a white grill that is said to be made of ceramic. It gives these bamboo peripherals an appealing, easy look that speaks of home. They are simple and innocuous, and any homebody may take in the low-key aura that they present. They exemplify the natural and environmentally-focused look that bamboo peripherals usually have.

These Bambory bamboo speakers mark an evolutionary step in audio speaker design, but in terms of technology they are no different from ordinary speakers. Nevertheless, its appearance may belie this; this fusion of commonplace materials – the ceramic of the grill and the bamboo of the body—holds promise that can be adapted for future bamboo peripherals that come in its wake.

These speakers are still in their concept stage, meaning that they still need to be tested and are not yet available in the market. Still, it appears that it has now gained a following from audio enthusiasts and technology buffs. Any normal person is not immune to its charms; it evokes a sense of peace and easy reservation. However, the fact that it uses ceramic grills means that it still is an example of modern technology. This mix of modern and old is the prime highlight of these bamboo speakers.

The technical specifications for the Bambory speakers have not yet been released, so their audio capabilities are still relatively untested. However, bamboo is an excellent audio medium as it has been used in pipes and other traditional musical instruments, and it would be interesting how its adoption as the material to make up the body of the speakers can lend to the acoustical characteristics that are to be found in these speakers. Also, the ceramic grills may add to the quality of sound that these speakers may have. The concept behind their use in the speakers would be another evolutionary step in how modern audio speakers are now being made.

The Bambory Speakers are another good demonstration of how modern technology and traditional craftsmanship can easily coexist with each other. As such, we must look forward to the day that they finally are made available so that we can experience the wonder that these audio speakers can exude.




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