A New Kind of Green Beer – Bamboo!

We’ve all spent many a St. Patrick’s Day neck deep in green beer. Whether coming pre-dyed in a keg, or splashed with food coloring in the glass, it’s a tradition across America to dress, drink, eat and be as green as possible on this holiday. With a new twist on the use of “green,” some brewers across the world are making their beer green due to a renewable and sustainable ingredient: bamboo!

And just in case you’ve been living under a rock all this time, you should know why bamboo is so great for the environment. A grass, bamboo is the fastest growing woody material in the world, and can grow in almost any climate. It is an incredibly renewable and sustainable material, and if used in lieu of hardwood trees, it can prevent further rainforest destruction. As an edible product, it is a naturally pest-resistant material, and does not require the pesticides and additives used on most edible vegetation.

What about the hops and barley?

Aside from water, the three main ingredients in beer are a fermentable starch (malted barley), a yeast (to produce the fermentation), and flavoring (hops). Several other starch sources, such as corn, rice, and agave, are often substituted for the barley for flavor, texture, and in some cases, to lower cost. Partially do the current health craze and increased environmental awareness, brewers are eschewing traditional starches and flavors, and using bamboo instead. Bamboo beer has finally entered the world market!

Is bamboo beer good for you?

Since the dawn of time, the shoots of bamboo have been a popular food item for several species; the ever-famous Giant panda, China’s red panda, and African mountain gorillas rely on it for survival. Throughout Asia and other areas of the Eastern world, the shoots of bamboo have long been used as a food source and addition to many popular teas, soups, and other dishes. In addition to be completely renewable, bamboo provides several recently discovered health benefits.

Studies show that there are beneficial active ingredients in bamboo. Flavonoids (natural antioxidants found in plants), amino acids (build protein), polysaccharides (help prevent the formation of degenerative diseases), lactone (digestive benefits) are all found in bamboo. Additionally, bamboo is found to have anti-fatigue, anti-aging, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-cancer effects. Finally, after studies showing bamboo extract’s ability to lower blood lipids were completed, bamboo beer was developed to help treat patients with high cholesterol problems!

And the taste?

Believe it or not, bamboo beer tastes like…bamboo in beer form. It has a mellow and refreshing flavor, with an obvious bamboo fragrance. Weighing in at around four and a half percent alcohol, it’s relatively average in strength. The raw materials used to create bamboo beer include Ginko biloba extract and bamboo leaf extract, both of which contribute to the mellow, grassy flavor. The addition of Ginko biloba, one of the most sought-after raw materials for health of the eastern world, is just one more thing that makes bamboo beer a healthy alternative.

While you’re debating your next beer selection, you should definitely consider adding this beer to your list. From the antioxidants and cholesterol-battling benefits, to the soft and refreshing taste, there’s no reason NOT to try bamboo beer! Before you get too excited though, the only thing standing in your way is availability. You can’t merely walk to your local liquor store and find an extensive selection. Spend a little time searching online and you’ll be sure to have that perfect bamboo beer delivered right to your doorstep!

Bamboo Beer Photo Gallery

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  4. Vincent Villanis says:

    Can I get this in Canada?

  5. Hi All,
    We are launching North America’s discovered and inspired bamboo beer to the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Africa, and the Philippines market very soon. Our process will promote local breweries as we will be using fresh bamboo harvests in the U.S. and Canada. We have been working with a local Master Brewer and will be campaigning via grass roots to promote the local economy and sustainable farming. Please visit our website at http://www.bamboobeer.ca and let us know if you want to be a part of our venture. Thank you.

  6. Leslie says:

    How much is the price of a bamboo beer in china? Thanks!

    • guillermobravo says:

      we do not have the price of bamboo beer in china, we’re currently trying to import the beer to California to sell in the USA.

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