Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

The most common fabric for bedding these days is still cotton. Sometimes it’s 400-thread count Egyptian cotton, other times it’s that rough, scratchy stuff that’s about as comfortable as a Q-tip. There are several other options on the market, including silk, satin, wool blends, fleece, flannel, and our favorite: bamboo! More and more people are learning about the benefits of this great fabric, especially as an alternative to cotton and other environment-harming materials.

Bamboo Bed SheetsThe fiber of bamboo is incredibly soft, strong, and durable and can be spun to feel like silk or cashmere. It is more absorbent than other fibers, wicks away moisture, and dries incredibly quickly. It is an adaptable material, with incredibly versatility, and is now more affordable than ever!

Let’s look at the actual fibers of bamboo. They’re strong, soft, smooth, and round, which gives bamboo that nice and silky feel without making them slick and slippery. In the finest weave the texture is comparable to the soft feel of cashmere, with the warm comfort of flannel, and the cool breath-ability of Lycra and other synthetic blends.

This paradox of cold and warmth comes about due to bamboo’s moisture wicking trait, insulation, and simultaneous breath-ability. This unique plant is able to adjust to temperatures, giving it the ability to grow in a variety of climates. Luckily for you, the material is known to do the very same thing, and can adjust to your body temperature to keep you warm or cool. When woven, incredibly small “micro” holes remain in the sheets, allow breath-ability without sacrificing warmth. With this trait, bamboo sheets keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without causing you to overheat.

Since bamboo is such a sturdy raw material, bamboo sheets actually outlast their cotton counterparts with a lifespan about three times as long! They hold up well in the washing machine, and remain soft after dozens of tumbles in the dryer. If you’re looking for durable sheets for the kids, bamboo is an excellent option. This material has a deodorizing quality that keeps odors from being trapped in your room, and is very resistant to stains. It also has a natural antibacterial quality, which is great for kids and babies! Many other fabrics use chemical microbial to try and kill off germs, but bamboo’s natural qualities do not require chemical additions.

There are studies that show this material can help ease the symptoms of some medical conditions such as Athlete’s foot and eczema, partially due to its soft feel. Some studies have shown bamboo sheets’ ability to combat bacteria, leading to a great environment for a perfect night’s rest. It doesn’t provide a very comfortable home for dust mites and fungus, creating a cleaner, healthier bed for babies and allergy sufferers.

It’s no secret that bamboo is touted as an eco-friendly alternative to cotton, silk, cashmere, and synthetic materials. Your bamboo sheets are no different! You can even find organic bamboo bedding for any season of the year. There are a myriad of color options and patterns to choose from, so you can stylishly reduce your carbon footprint!

One of the best things about this fabric is that it is actually very economical. The cost of cotton is on the rise, while other materials remain outside of the scope of most people today. Though bamboo was once a pricey material, current circumstances, including technological advancements, are making it a thrifty option. With the consumer cries for affordable, high-quality, and eco-friendly materials, alternative options such as bamboo are becoming increasingly more available, and incredibly more affordable.

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4 Responses to Benefits of Bamboo Bedding

  1. hubclassified says:

    its a common fabric. thanks for sharing awesome facts of bamboo.

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  3. Erline Letersky says:

    It can be so frustrating when you open your linen closet to get a set of bedsheets out and you end up spending the next 10 minutes trying to decipher if the sheets you grabbed are for your full size, queen size or king size mattress. Instead of easily grabbing what you need, you end up making a bigger mess in the closet! Not fun…

  4. Ayden Carlos says:

    I would like to add one thing that the number of thread counts in bedding plays an important role in the durability of bedding. More the number of thread counts in the bedding, more is the durability of the bamboo bedding.

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