Bamboo and You: Kitchen Accessories!

The kitchen tends to be the heart and soul of the home. You cook, clean, eat, and gather with friends here, and no matter how many times you shoo kids away from the freshly baked cookies, or send guests to socialize in the living room, the party always gravitates toward the kitchen. Whether searching for drinks, a garbage can, or a sneak peak at dessert, there’s much to be desired in this room, so you should treat it, and its accessories, with great care.

In addition to durable countertops, Energy Star appliances, and sturdy bamboo cabinets, you’ve got a lot of kitchen area and accessories to consider, and we’ve got great ideas to help you! Bamboo remains to be one of the most versatile and durable materials, which is why it makes for incredibly useful accessories in the kitchen! Take a look at some of our favorite bamboo kitchen accessories to make your most sociable room as clean, efficient, and eco-friendly as possible.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

The best news for your kitchen – bamboo cutting boards! A bamboo cutting board may be the most popular bamboo items of all, and can be found quite easily. These cutting boards are incredibly durable, attractive, and long lasting. We recommend the complete set of three by Oceanstar Design to ensure that you’ve always got one on hand.

Bamboo cutting boards are easy to clean, and resist scratch marks and divots from chopping, slicing, and mincing your favorite meals. You can keep one out on the counter for slicing up fresh apples, cheese, and a delicious baguette, or even put them on display using a plate display stand. They generally come in the natural tan shade, but you can also find darker and deeper colors to match your kitchen décor.

Bamboo Serving Dishes

When is the last time you saw a gigantic salad bowl that was made from something other than wood or bamboo? Bamboo is a common material for large bowls, platters, and serving dishes because it so incredibly lightweight, yet strong and durable. You can serve your ham, turkey, or steak on a bamboo serving platter, and even slice it on the platter, rather than getting a cutting board dirty. Whether you’re serving four or fourteen, you won’t have to get the largest guy in the house to carry your foods to the table, because these bamboo bowls and platters are significantly lighter than ceramics, glass and metal serving dishes.

Bamboo Vegetable Steamer

If you’re looking for the best way to cook vegetables without sacrificing their nutritional punch, a bamboo steamer is the way to go. Often seen in the smaller size serving up steamed dumplings at Asian restaurants, the larger steamers can rest upon a pot or your rice cooker to make the most flavorful and nutritious vegetables for every meal. You can get a single steamer, or a stacked steamer, the latter of which has two or more steam trays so you can cook lots of vegetables at the same time. For instance, throw some frozen broccoli or carrots in the bottom steamer, and then take vegetables that don’t need as much time to cook, such as bean sprouts or fresh snap peas, and just put them in the top one and see how much time you can save! You can also use a bamboo steamer to defrost or cook dumplings and other frozen items.

Bamboo Dinnerware

This is the best thing for families with small children since sliced bread. No, seriously. Lightweight, eco-friendly, durable, and attractive bamboo plates, bowls, and dinnerware utensils are ideal for daily life. Whether your kids like to put bowls on their heads, bang spoons and plates, or tend to knock things off their high chairs, these durable bamboo dinnerware items are perfect for the occasion! You can provide attractive, durable, and eco-friendly plates for your family and guests, without worrying about them being broken, scratched, cracked, or ruined. Additionally, they’re so light that your kids can easily help you set and clear the table for every meal!

Bamboo Utensils

Tired of that old wooden spoon breaking every few months? Consider ever-durable bamboo cooking and serving utensils instead. There are many uses for wooden spoons and spatulas, from scraping cooking dough, to stirring risotto; however, wooden spoons, unfortunately, tend to loose their strength and begin to acquire mold and mildew after awhile. Bamboo is an excellent alternative, as this material naturally resists mold and mildew, and has tensile strength comparable to steel! No more wood splinters in your cookie dough when you use a bamboo spoon for stirring!  You can also find amazing to-go bamboo utensils for use in the car, on the road, or on camping trips!

Display Trays & Canisters

Having your fruit out on display is one of the best ways to encourage your family or roommates to eat more fruit and less junk. Eco-friendly bamboo fruit trays are an excellent choice. The earthy bamboo color and unique grain pairs beautifully with bright and vibrant apples, oranges, bananas, and pears, creating an attractive and delicious fruit display! You can also find elegant bamboo canisters for storing your bamboo utensils, spoons, spatulas, and tongs, providing an eco-friendly option for your efficient kitchen!

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  1. Elizabeth Oliver says:

    Nice description of Bamboo kitchen accessories. Bamboo is harder than maple wood and extremely water resistant and I have a strong interest in green building design. For this reason, it is one of the most eco-friendly wood choices for me.

  2. Gayatri says:

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  4. Amy says:

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