A Very Bamboo Christmas

As the holiday season approaches, American consumerism reaches its highest point all year. Instead of getting stuck in a cycle of waste and consumption, consider making your holiday a little more meaningful this year. With a bamboo Christmas, you can give bamboo gifts that offset carbon emissions, and even decorate your home with the greenest material on the planet! If you’re not ready for a full overhaul of your holidays, consider a few of these bamboo gifts and decorations to make your Christmas greener than the last!

Bamboo Charcoal

Whether you’re trying to create a clean-smelling environment for your guests, or looking for a small gift for coworkers, employees, and your kids’ teachers, bamboo charcoal products are a great way to remove odors in a safe and effective manner! As a natural air freshener, bamboo charcoal works to eliminate bad smells in your refrigerator, bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, and makes for amazing spa products and gifts. This natural air freshener removes bad odors without emitting dangerous VOCs, leaving plenty of clean, aroma-free air for all to breathe!

Bamboo Clothing, Textiles, and Accessories

There are thousands of manufacturers of bamboo clothing, bags, accessories and more cropping up all over the world. With bamboo gifts, you can bring a touch of eco-friendly living to your friends, without compromising style or functionality. From bamboo handbags by top designers, to custom-designed bamboo t-shirts, you can find beautiful gifts made from the most versatile, eco-friendly raw material on the planet!

Bamboo Kitchenware

The best gifts are those that last, and with bamboo kitchenware, your gift just keeps on giving. Bamboo cutting boards are among the most popular options for the casual or serious chef, and can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types. They are incredibly durable, and can withstand chopping, slicing, and shaving without being scratched, making them the perfect gift for food-related holidays. You can also find beautifully crafted bamboo bowls, plates, kitchen towels, and more, to complete any gift this year! Since bamboo is naturally resistant to mold, fungus, water, and scratches, it makes perfectly durable bamboo kitchenware, such as cutting boards, dishes, serving utensils and more!

Wind Chimes & Water Fountains

For a ‘green’ gift that brings elegance and peace to any indoor or outdoor environment, consider water fountains and wind chimes for your neighbors, family, and friends. Bamboo wind chimes, water fountains, and even birdbaths are beautiful additions to any landscape design. Decorative bamboo spouts and water fountains make for excellent additions to any entryway or living room décor, and can create a calming trickle of sound during the high-energy holidays. You can even order custom-made bamboo wind chimes that bring a touch of the holidays and welcome guests on the front porch, or as a quiet decoration for any room in the house.

Bamboo Electronics

For the green geek on your list, consider some of the bamboo alternatives to everyday electronics. There are bamboo keyboards and mice that offset your carbon emissions, as well as bamboo Macbook cases, elegant bamboo ear buds, and more to help you give the gift of natural beauty with an eco-friendly touch!


Now that you’ve got your gifts out of the way, it’s time to decorate your home! You can spice up your Christmas decorations with eco-friendly LED Christmas lights, recycled paper decorations, and so much more. Here are some great bamboo holiday decorations and additions to make your holiday season just a little greener.

Bright and Energy Efficient LED Christmas Lights










Plenty of people search far and wide for the perfect Christmas tree each year, while several others merely unpack the same plastic or synthetic tree year after year. If you’re looking for a change, consider a ‘fake’ Christmas tree made from bamboo! This doesn’t mean stick a bamboo shoot in a vase of water and call it a day, because you can find beautifully crafted fake trees made from renewable bamboo! Made from varying lengths, shapes, and shades of bamboo shoots and panels, these durable bamboo Christmas trees can be made to look similar to your standard evergreen, or can bring a touch of modern style. Either way, these green Christmas trees will last year after year to participate in your holiday celebrations!


Painting ornaments with the kids this year? What about bamboo stencils and ornaments instead of plastic, foam, or wood? You can even find a variety of elegantly made bamboo ornaments depicting any style of holiday cheer you can imagine! Why not decorate your tree with bamboo to really bring your green theme together!

Christmas Cards

Millions of Christmas cards are sent each and every holiday season. Instead of heading to your local retail store to stock up, consider cards made from recycled materials and bamboo fiber. Bamboo makes beautiful paper cards, and numerous companies are creating eco-friendly bamboo stationery in a variety of styles! Make sure you put a little note on the back to remind your recipients to recycle your Christmas card to ensure the “green Christmas” cycle continues.

Well, there you have it. Now get going and have a Merry Bamboo Christmas.

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