Air Jordan XX8 Made with Bamboo Accents?

It’s a shoe, or a sneaker? One thing is for certain, its a shoe like nothing you’ve seen before.  The Air Jordan XX8 shoe has a unique camouflage design with bamboo accents to reflect its environmentally friendly aspect. The graphic print designs are varying but among the more popular look is the leaf-style finish with a mixture of both green and white coloring.

The Air Jordan XX8 ‘Bamboo’, features a white full zip sleeve with green, brown, gold and black leaves decorating throughout the upper part of the shoe; but then an elegant wood finished carbon fibre heel plate, a black inner sole and a clear, almost transparent outer heel.  The green and environmentally bamboo sneakers are made by Jordan at its home in Portland, which has a status of a green city anyway, and amazingly the bamboo used in these sneakers comes from a local company.

The Air Jordan XX8 made with Bamboo Accents appears to be more of a boot than a shoe or a sneaker; it fit snugly and comfortably around the ankle and would look absolutely great if worn with army attire or camouflage fatigue. If you look closely at the wood paneling at the back of the shoe, you will see that as well as being made from a locally-sourced bamboo company, it is also close to Jordan’s headquarters.

The bamboo shoe is much awaited and is likely that many watchers will be eagerly awaiting its release date, which we believe to be imminent.

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