Advantages & Benefits of Bamboo Furniture

It’s fun, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s fashionable. Bamboo is not only the fastest growing woody plant in the world, but it is also one of the fastest growing industries today. One of the more recent trends to hit the market is bamboo furniture. Not sure if it’s right for you? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should incorporate bamboo furniture into your current lifestyle.


We all know that modern fashion tends to trump functionality and affordability, but with bamboo furniture, you get the best of all worlds. This recent trend is only growing, due to bamboo’s versatility and eco-friendliness. Top designers are now creating modern décor items, beautiful pieces of furniture, and even haute clothing to benefit from this fashion-forward style, and you can nab a piece of it with a piece of eco-friendly bamboo furniture.

Trendy Bamboo Chairs


Stronger than oak, bamboo is considered one of the most durable hardwood materials on the planet. Due to its unbelievable strength, bamboo has been used to build homes, boats, bridges, and even scaffolding. It has flexibility that prevents cracking, yet strength that can support a great deal of weight. Your bamboo tables and chairs will stay strong and beautiful for decades to come!

Bamboo Timber

Easy to Maintain

Due to its smooth surface, round fibers, and pest, fungus, and mold resistance, bamboo furniture is actually much easier to maintain than fabrics or hardwood materials. It is more resistant to water than hardwood, which means it can withstand exposure to the elements, as well as spills and stains, better than other materials. If being used for outdoor or moist areas, it will not rot, and is termite resistant. All it takes is a damp cloth to wipe away settled dirt, and Voila, it is good as new!

Easy-to-clean Bamboo Flooring

 Cleaner Air

Farmed bamboo benefits the soil around it due to the behavior of its roots. It takes in greenhouse gasses and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalently sized grove of trees. When comparing bamboo and tree varieties that are commonly used to make furniture, the growth of bamboo actually reduces carbon emissions at a much greater rate.

Bamboo Produces Cleaner Air


Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on the planet, and many species can grow two feet or more per day! This makes it one of the most renewable eco-friendly raw materials on the market. Rather than chopping down 25-year-old oak trees, manufacturers can use 3-month-old bamboo shoots to create your dining room table and chairs.


When it comes to woody materials, the lightweight ones tend to be far too flimsy for furniture, but with bamboo, you’re in luck.  The heaviest bamboo chair is probably lighter than any piece of furniture you own in your home, and just as durable. If you move often, or find yourself rearranging your furniture every couple of months, these major tasks become minor when your furniture is made from bamboo! Redecorating is easy, and you will find yourself looking forward to rearranging your home regularly.

Holds its Shape

Hardwoods have a tendency to swell with moisture and heat, and shrink in dry and cool weather.  Ever wonder why your front door takes a little more force to open and shut in the summer than in the winter? Well, with bamboo, you no longer have that problem. Bamboo doesn’t react nearly as drastically to changes in moisture levels, and is able to maintain its size and shape. You won’t have to worry about warped chairs or wobbly tables as a result of moisture and temperature with bamboo furniture.

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