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Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses

Embracing a green life style yet remaining a stylish trendsetter used to be tough with the lack of options available in bamboo fashion. Now with a wide variety of eco-friendly and chic bamboo products, such as aesthetically pleasing bamboo sunglasses and accessories, being green and effortlessly sharp has never been easier.

Aside from durability and comfort, our wooden sunglasses are edgy, unique and are sure to be the next big trend in eyewear. The Woodzee Wayfarer bamboo eyeglass frames give you the classic shape but add something new and innovative to your look with stained frames made entirely of bamboo. For those who like a more classic look, eyeglass frames from popular brand REVEAL would go well with bamboo cufflinks and watches.

To the casual observer a pair of bamboo glasses may not seem durable or comfortable. But did you know high quality bamboo products make such popular accessories because of the softness and pleasing texture of bamboo? When spun to make fabric, bamboo is even softer than silk. Bamboo is also just as durable as plastic and has higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete making it the perfect material for durable and long lasting men’s and women’s accessories.

Bamboo Style: Protect Your Eyes With Bamboo Sunglasses & Eyewear

Bamboo, the renewable and sustainable eco-friendly material, is joining forces with fashion to create some of the trendiest sunglasses on the market. Here at Bambooki, we’re in the midst of creating our own line of bamboo sunglasses to ensure the highest quality materials, most sustainable practices, and the most affordable prices. The Bambooki brand sunglasses are slated for release next month, so until then, revel in some of these other amazing brands of bamboo sunglasses.


As their tagline says, “Wood Looks Good,” and these Woodzee sunglasses are no exception. Artfully handcrafted to perfection, all Woodzee sunglasses are treated with repellant to protect them from damage in the rain, at the beach, and every wet place in between. You can find glasses made from both wood and sustainable bamboo, and for a little icing on the cake, Woodzee plants a tree for every pair of sunglasses sold.


They’re ethical, they’re sustainable, and they’re handcrafted bamboo sunglasses. What started as a dream on Kickstarter, has become a successful reality. In fact, Panda's goal was $3,000, but with a great idea, and a little clever marketing, they far surpassed that with almost $20,000 raised. As we all know, the big brands of sunglasses are made using a variety of harmful methods and materials – from unsustainable plastics to irresponsible labor and shipping – but no more.

Panda pledges to be the first eco-friendly brand of luxury sunglasses from the fields to the store, and for every pair of glasses purchased, they provide an eye exam and a pair of prescription sunglasses to someone in need. In addition to free shipping worldwide, they offer a 100% lifetime warranty.


When we think of sunglasses and eyewear, we often think of relaxing at the beach, or wandering around in the bright sunlight. Fortunately, one company thought about those cold-lovers who spend their sunlight hours soaring through snow and ice on skis and snowboards. With Daylight’s polarized handmade bamboo shades, extreme sport lovers can enjoy clear vision while protecting their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Check out these eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo shades that combine the best of comfort and fashion for snowboarders and skiers alike.

Solo Eyewear

The cleverly named SOLO Eyewear collections combine everyone’s favorite 80’s pop culture characters with today’s most popular styles. Light, natural-colored bamboo arms support the aviator-style Goose shades, while red-tinted lenses and red bamboo arms bring style and sustainability to the Mavericks. For a little additional color and Ray-Ban-shaped style, try the Bamblues as well.

Along with Panda, SOLO Eyewear is just as committed to social responsibility as they are to fashion. As they explain on their website, 80% of the world’s blindness is preventable, and about half of it is caused by cataracts. They’ve partnered with L.V. Prasad Eye Institute and Aravind Eye Care System to treat these cataracts for as little as $15 for a simple 5-minute procedure.

In just one short year, SOLO went from an ambitious idea to a successful business that impacts the lives of individuals around the world. In addition to all of the fashion-savvy eco-lovers who benefit from these glasses, SOLO has funded 105 cataract surgeries and 750 pairs of prescription glasses worldwide. If you want to combine your love of bamboo products with funding for non-profit organizations, SOLO Eyewear is another great company to support.

Grein Optics

Want to support another big idea with a small contribution? Check out Grein Optics on Kickstarter. Grein Optics are high-end, eco-friendly shades made from sustainable and lightweight bamboo. They look says fashionable, but the quality says functional, and the contrasting wood grains brings a new layer to the unique qualities of bamboo sunglasses.

Grein Optics are currently in production, after surpassing their original goal by over 200% on Kickstarter, and they’re working hard to get sustainable sunglasses in the hands of consumers in a timely fashion. Sometimes it’s better to go with the Grein rather than against it.


If you’re looking for a pair of shade that places equal importance on social responsibility and environmental awareness, GROWN is another great producer of sustainable and socially responsible bamboo sunglasses. To go with your snow-weather Daylight glasses, GROWN was started by a pair of friendly surfers in Byron Bay, Australia. All materials used in the production and manufacturing of GROWN bamboo sunglasses are renewable, organic and free of toxins.

With so many great businesses producing sustainable, bamboo sunglasses, it’s hard to believe anyone would purchase anything else. Unsustainable plastics and metals are the prevailing materials used in the production of eye-saving shades, but with so many new shapes, styles, and designs, it’s easy to see how these bamboo shades are making quite an impression in this year’s summer fashion.

Check out some of these great brands at discounted prices here on, and remember that we’ll release our own line of sustainable bamboo shades July 2012!