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Organic Bamboo Clothing & Apparel

Bamboo clothing is not exactly a new idea, but it has only recently entered the marketplace as a fabric. In western history, strips of bamboo were used in corsets and bustles as structural elements, while the Japanese and Chinese would weave these strips together to make hats and shoes. The traditional bamboo hat design is recognized worldwide as a symbol of rural life as farmers and fishermen used them almost universally. These days, technological advancements have led to several other textile uses of bamboo, and soft bamboo clothing is now a feasible alternative to other materials.

Here at Bambooki we do our part to provide the best in organic bamboo clothing for men and women. Bamboo apparel has come a long way from hats and shoes, and you can find nearly any style of clothing made from bamboo.

There are many advantages to using bamboo as a raw material for textiles rather than cotton and other comparable eco friendly options. Not only does a bamboo plant reach maturity in just 3-5 years, but also it can be harvested over and over without any damage to the surrounding environment.

Bamboo can be cultivated quickly, can be used as a cash crop for third world economies, and is a natural material that decreases greenhouse gases. When it comes to the end result of bamboo fabric, the color, texture and appearance is incredibly appealing. Bamboo fabric is much softer to the touch than refined cotton options, and can be made to look like a variety of high-end materials such as silk.

In terms of versatility, bamboo clothes last just as long as other materials, and its color fastness is equally comparable. Additionally, due to the water-resistant nature of bamboo, it is an excellent option for keeping you cool and dry. The breathable fabric does not cling to the skin, and simultaneously wicks away moisture and odor. Due to its ability to insulate, bamboo clothing is an excellent option for cool weather as well.

Bamboo fabric is now being used in high-end fashion around the world, though you can still find perfectly comfortable t-shirts, sweats, and bags made from this eco friendly material. It is one of the most versatile and sustainable clothing options on the market, without causing harm to the environment. Check out our inventory of organic bamboo clothes to help reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time.

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