Bambooki Inc

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  • Bambooki Brown Aviator Bamboo Sunglasses

    Bambooki presents our first branded product, our new aviator style bamboo sunglasses with engraved "B" logo on both sides of the shades

  • EcoFusion Bamboo Flooring

    Bambooki is now offering 28 unique styles of high-end bamboo flooring for all your interior designs needs. Order free samples today!

  • Skateboard & Longboards by BambooSK8

    The bamboo used in our decks come from managed bamboo forests and is of the highest quality; trust only the BambooSK8 name.

  • Clothing for every occasion!

    Advances in technology make it easier to create eco friendly clothes for women that meet all of the requirements. Bamboo fabric is soft, water-wicking, fitted, and comfortable.

  • Cycle in Style with Panda Bicycles

    Panda Bicycles are the only steel lugged bikes in the world. The One is designed to be a street smart commuter with an elegant flair and green sensibilities.

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Products

Welcome to Bambooki! Bamboo (the sustainable raw material) + KI (the mother-earth goddess) = Bambooki Inc., a place to find the best in bamboo. With over 1000 products, is an online shopping website featuring the top bamboo and environmentally friendly products for your indoor, outdoor, and everyday needs! You’ll be amazed by the bamboo options available for everyday materials!

Finally there are thousands of manufacturers incorporating bamboo wood products and eco-friendly bamboo items to their product line. From hardwood flooring to bamboo furniture, there is currently a growing supply of green, eco-friendly bamboo products on the market due to the increased interest of consumers buying eco friendly products. We’ve got plenty of them right here in our store, and we’re happy to help you find safe and healthy ways to reduce your carbon footprint with a bamboo alternative!

Why Bamboo?

Many of you come to this site merely looking for a standard product, and we’re here to provide you with an eco-friendly version. Bamboo is a sustainable raw material that grows up to five times faster than other woody materials. Since it is a grass, it can grow in most climates and environments, without chemicals or pesticides. It is a sustainable, renewable material that is more versatile than nearly any other plant product under the sun! With a transition to bamboo products we can help save the rainforests, eliminate waste, and lower carbon emissions all at once!

These days it is trendy to help the environment, so you never have to sacrifice quality or style for the environment. Bambooki's catalog includes the best in bamboo fencing, bamboo clothes, bamboo bedding and bath, bamboo kitchenware, tiki bars, thatching, and more. Support your environment by purchasing green eco friendly products from Bambooki.